Siakap 3 rasa

Ok yesterday I mentioned about “siakap 3 rasa” similar to sweet n sour actually but more spicier.

We use Seabass cos the flesh are tender and sweet.  Can also use other type of fish.

These are ingredients to cook the sauce …. garlics, onions, tomatoes, birds-eye chilies, kaffir lime leaves, tomato ketchup and chili sos…. oh and 1 lemongrass (sorry it was not in the pic).   Fry with a little oil the garlics, onions, kaffir lime leaves …. once fragrant, add a little water, stir and add the balance of the ingredients.  Add the ketchup and chili sos … more chili sos than ketchup … have to use your estimation cos that’s how we cook it, sorry no measurement (kita masak main campak2 jer …).  If the sauce is watery, just need to add corn flour mix to it and cook it till it thickens.  Add salt and sugar to taste.

Deep-fry the seabass and set it aside on a plate and pour the sos over the fish.

and its ready to eat 🙂


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