Detox thru juices

I have just finished listening to a juicing class session, gonna try them out soon but in the meantime, here are some of what I have learnt about drinking juices extracted from fruits and vegetables.

1 small bittergourd (peria katak) and 1/2 lemon  – One portion for one person, drink every morning on an empty stomach, helps to detox the liver,  lower bad cholesterol, and helps to lower blood sugar. Best to use a slow juicer.

small size bittergourd (peria katak)

It smells bitter but taste wise it won’t taste so bad cos the lemon will neutralise the bitterness.

Bittergourd is perfect for diabetes treatment, fig leaves also good (boil the leaves and filter, drink the water)

lemon – in and under the skin has lots of anti-cancer properties, so try to use the rind as much as possible.

Please note : Pregnant women or trying to get pregnant do not take this concoction cos the bittergourd has enzymes that can cause miscarriage in the first trimester.

For fruits and veg.  = don’t buy products from China, or too big or small in sizes.

1 cucumber + 2 stalks of celery + 2 carrots (one portion) =Flush out the kidney systems

1.5 ml water, squeeze some lemon or lime in it, helps to provide calcium, vitamin C and helps to absorb iron into the body (can drink this everyday)

1 red apple, a handful of cherry tomatoes or 2 big tomatoes or 1 carrot, 1 capsicum, – for any skin disorders and detox the blood system.

1 sweet potato and  1/2 pineapple – Sweet potato (scrub clean and juice with skin on) has almost all the B vitamins. Pineapple loaded with anti-cancer properties, helps to breakdown food. Benefits of pineapple is under the skin. This juice provides stamina and energy for long hours.  This juice is perfect to be taken for breakfast.

Tip : if you’re diabetic choose fruits that is not too ripe.  Lemon helps to neutralise sugar.

Broccoli (1 stalk) + 2 red apples + 1/4 lemon = Broccoli very high in antioxidant, magnesium, fiber, iron. Good for women. Adding the red apples help to sweeten this juice and the lemon to soften the raw green taste.  Broccoli, spinach and beet root are not to be drunk everyday. Recommended to drink it twice a week.  This is called green juice, good for overall goodness for our body.

Another combination is spinach and oranges.

4 oranges and 1 inch of ginger = helps to increase our body immunity (take it before we fall sick with fever, if already having fever avoid taking oranges cos it cause mucus)

For sore throat or any respiratory illness = 1 lemon and 1 inch ginger + 1 tsp honey = sip it warm so add a bit of warm.water.

Red apples + cucumber,+ half lemon = cooling juice.

Guava  (juice everything including the seeds) = fibrous, anti-cancerous properties, vitamin C and A.

Use the fruits residue as body scrub …. recycle, don’t waste.

1 green apple and 2 carrots = helps to repair our body cells.

Ramadan tip :

For sahur : Almond or soya milk w/out sugar (750 ml) + raisins or dates (to sweeten it) or honey + 2 scoop muesli + 2 scoop of chia seeds (blend all). Don’t gulp in all at once, drink it slowly.


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