Fish in fermented soya beans gravy

I cooked this a few days ago, been to busy to upload and only this morning I finally am able to.

Fish in fermented soya bean gravy.

You need 2 onions (slice), 1 grean and 1 red chillies (slice), 1 stalk of lemongrass (crushed lightly), 2 garlic (slice).  All these fry till fragrant in a wok or pot.


Fry fish till golden brown and put aside.  (any type of fish will do)


1 bottle of fermented soya beans …. must wash it thoroughly if not will be too salty.  So when cooking this dish, do not add salt until you have tasted it.  Usually when I cooked this, I do not need to add any salt at all.  After the onions, chillies etc are fragrant, add the fermented soya beans and stir for a few minutes before add half a cup of tamarind juice or more (up to your preference if you want more gravy or not) to the wok or pot.  You can use half a cup of tamarind juice and then if want more gravy just add water to it.


Leave them to simmer for a while, then add the fishes.  Let it boil for another few minutes and its ready to serve hot with rice.



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