Chicken n Cheese Popiah

i usual order the popiah from a sister but due to inflation and hubby out of work recently, money matters are tight right now. So for my kids sake, since they are fasting and want to eat this popiah during iftar, I decided to try making it on my own instead.

Alhamdulillah, it may not taste 100% as the original but the popiah still tasted good. Received thumbs up from the kids last night 🙂


All I did was buy the frozen popiah skin at Cold Storage.

Then I poach the chicken breast with some water …. I added anchovies granules just abt 1 tsp to it and added salt n pepper to taste. Let it boil till chicken is cooked. Cool the chicken and shred the meat finely.

Have some mozarella cheese and together with the shredded chicken, put a small amount on the popiah skin and roll it up. Seal the popiah skin with beaten egg (just need to spread a bit of the egg on the edge of the popiah skin to seal it)

Do the same process till all the fillings are finish. Then deep fry the popiah till golden brown. Ready to serve and best to eat by dipping into Thai chilli sauce.


2 thoughts on “Chicken n Cheese Popiah

  1. MasyaAllah,thanks for sharing.I have never ordered nor make popiah for some years already.And this entry inspires me to do it again n of this version.Thank you so much for sharing Busu my love.I notice the chicken is seasoned with granules only,no tumis2 eh?Want to try la.The gooey cheese looks tempting 🙂

    May Allah swt bless you for your perseverence and love..amin ❤


  2. Amin … thks sri ❤

    btw kalo nak buat, kalo tak suka rasa cheese tu mcm overwhelming kan, den kurang kan cheese nya k … nanti kalo dah buat share feedback k :))


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