Talam Keladi

We had our iftar (break fast) at my 3rd sister’s house today. It’s our yearly tradition to do so during the fasting month. Family get-together and break fast together. Wonderful atmosphere and a good way to strengthen family ties.

Usually in such occasion, each of us would bring some dish to the host house. So what I did was to steam a traditional Malay cake called Talam Keladi (Yam cake). This cake has two layers to it, the bottom is filled with yam and the top part is usually coloured with purple colouring. Unfortunately i did not have purple colouring so have to make do with what I have 🙂

Talam Keladi is one of my favourite traditional cake. I just love them!

Ingredients :

For the bottom layer :

300 ml coconut milk
65 g rice flour
1 tsp plain flour
100 g of yam, cut into small cubes, steam till 3/4 soften and mash lightly
55 g fine sugar
1/4 tsp salt

For the upper layer :

100 ml coconut milk
60 g fine sugar
2 tbsp rice flour
20 g corn flour
1 egg, beat lightly
a pinch of salt
a few drops of purple colouring

Method :

– Heat the steamer over a medium fire.

– Have a small cake container, spread a bit of oil all over it.

– Mix all the ingredients (Bottom layer) except for the yams. Mix thoroughly and sieve the mixture. Then add the yams and steam it for about 15 mins.

– Next, mix the ingredients (Upper layer), mix thoroughly and sieve.

– When the bottom layer is ready, then pour the upper layer over it. Continue to steam for about 25-30 mins or till the surface are cook.

– Cool it and once cool, cut it into small serving with plastic knife. It’s ready to serve.



2 thoughts on “Talam Keladi

    1. It’s more common in asia countries and I hope you’ll be able to find yams in the nearer future to try this out 🙂


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