Sardine ala Sani

Today’s breakfast is a simple sardine dish eaten with sliced french loaves.

This dish is a favourite among the Malay Community and besides having it for breakfast, it can also be eaten for lunch, dinner and even as snack during outings or picnic by the beach.


This dish I named it ‘Sardine ala Sani’ … after my brother-in-law who made a difference to the usual menu by adding laksa leaves (aka Vietnamese coriander) to it. The addition of the laksa leaves give the dish a nice fragrant and extra ummphh to the taste.

Our family simple love this dish. Here’s how to cook it.

Ingredient :

3 small cans of sardines
2 onions – quarted and sliced thinly
10 bird-eyes chillies – sliced thinly
1 cucumber – cut 2 cm in length and cut lengthwise thinly
Half a cup of laksa lesves – minced
3 small limes – squeeze juice
Pepper and salt for taste



– take out the sardines from the can and wash them.
– heat a frying pan or small wok with a small fire, add a little bit of oil.
– put in the sardines and as you fry them, you also mash them with the spatula. Fry for aboiut 5-7 mins.
– then add in the pepper and salt. Stir a bit more before adding the rest of the ingredients into the pan or wok.
– lastly add the lime juice and stir thoroughly.
– off the fire and its ready to be serve with french loaves


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