Chocolate Almond Cookies


Ingredients :

400 g butter
175g fine sugar
250g fine brown sugar
2 tsp essence vanilla
1 tsp fine salt
2 eggs
2 tsp bicarbonate soda
800g plain flour
200g chopped almonds
250g chocolate chips

Methods :

1) Beat the butter, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla and salt till fluffy.
2) Add in the eggs, plain flour, bicarbonate soda. Beat and mix thorougly for a few minutes.
3) Add in chocolate chips and chopped almonds. Mix thoroughly using a spatula or spoon.
4) Using a pastry board, roll the mixture into a thickness of 3/4 cm and cut into squares of 3 by 3 cm. (You can also use cutting biscuit moulds instead of cutting into squares.)
5) Put the squares into a baking tray and bake till cook at 160 degree celcius.
6) Once cooled, put the biscuits into containers and close tight till its time to serve.

An all time favourite of the family, these cookies are superb, I began baking them since 2008.  Usually made them for Hari Raya, though the last two years I did not make any cookies.  Maybe this year … hmm will have to see how later …hehee 😉

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