Honey cornflakes

My colleagues at work are now busy with spring cleaning and buying things for their Chinese New Year. All of them are looking forward to the festive season and so do we even though we do not celebrate it. For us, Chinese New Year means public holiday which equals to long weekend and more time to spent with our family 😉

Since I am feeling much better after my fall, I decided to bake honey cornflakes for my RO as a gift for her to celebrate her New Year. Every year I would actually buy cookies or chocolates for her and her family but this year, I decided to bake instead. I hope she and her family will enjoy them.

I got the recipe from my 4th sister-in-law and it really turns out yummylicious! Made two portions from the recipe and I was able to get 3 and a half bottle full of it. One to be given to my RO, one for my girl’s tutor and the other for ourselves to snack on.


Here’s the recipe for those who wants to try it :

Ingredients :

124 g butter
250 g cornflakes (crush lightly)
80 g sugar
50 g honey
80 g sunflower seeds (can also replace with roasted peanuts or almonds)

Method :

Cook the sugar and honey together with a low fire.  Then add the butter and keep stirring until butter totally melts. Off the fire and pour into the container with the cornflakes.  Quickly mix everything evenly. Add the sunflower seeds and stir well again. Then scoop spoonful of it to put into paper cups.  Bake in the oven (160 degree celsius) for about 6-8 minutes.



4 thoughts on “Honey cornflakes

  1. Busu,when did you fall n how?Hope you are fine by now.May you be protected always amin.And yes,dah lama tak buat ini honey cornflakes.Love the aroma of cooked butter sugar and honey together.Great as snacks tapi jangan lupa gosok gigi lepas makan ehee.Have a great week busu and hati2 yep 🙂


    1. Busu fell last friday …. bengkak tangan tapi skrg bengkak dah takde lagi though still painful on and off. Thanks sri for the du’a and yes gosok gigi kalo tak nanti gigi kena curi …hehee 😉


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