Steam fish with oranges

Ok today seems like an experimental day.  I have just finished trying out  a new recipe created by yours truly 😉

Basically,  this recipe is akin to the Thai style steam fish but this time I added freshly squeeze orange juice and a little bit of kaffir lime  juice to it….. Thus the name for this recipe ‘Steam Fish with Oranges’ 😉

Ingredients are simple:

One seabass – cleaned
Slices of onions, garlics, ginger, lemon grass, birds-eye chillies, a few kaffir lime leaves a bit of kaffir lime juice, and 1 orange (slice and squeeze the  juice). Salt and sugar to taste.

Put and arrange all ingredients in a container or plate, then steam till fish is cook.

Before serving, add some onions leaves as garnish.

It’s definitely tasty. It’s spicy and appetising, has a taste of sweet, sour and bitter taste to it, I think because I went to insert the kaffir lime inside the fish.  All of us like it except for my youngest who do not like anything spicy.  Still I believe there’s room for improvement, maybe will try again to further improve on it. 😉



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