Meatballs in spicy tomato sauce

This is long overdue, I actually cooked this dish few weeks ago but only now get to write it down …been busy as always.

The recipe was given to me by my eldest sister who is staying in Brunei. When she gave me the recipe, there was no proper measurement for the ingredients and so when I cooked this dish … all ingredients was based on estimation.

20130502-071200.jpgThe meatballs was made by my youngest daughter…. She help to roll them, and she did a nice job too! 🙂

How to cook it? Very simple….first mix the minced meat with some pepper and salt…mix well and roll them into balls as shown above.

Then take one egg and beat it , can add a bit of salt in the egg (optional) …..dip the meatballs one by one into the egg and fry them till golden brown. Put aside.

Next to prepare the sauce …cos its spicy so we need to grind some dried chillies, onions, garlic and ginger to make as paste. All these I estimate depending on how much I’m cooking and how spicy I want it to be.

Heat a small wok or pan with oil, fry the chilli paste for about 15-20 min (stir often so the paste will not stick to the pan).

Then add in 2-3 tbsp of tomato paste or spaghetti sauce …the taste will be slightly different if use spaghetti sauce but ut will still taste nice.

Add sugar and salt to taste ..I also added a bit of ‘kicap manis’ ( sweet soya sauce). If its too dry, add some water to it. The spicy tomato sauce should not be too watery nor too dry.

When the sauce is ready, add in the meatballs and mix well.

There…its now ready to be eaten 🙂

20130502-072637.jpgMeatballs in spicy tomato sauce …


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