Minced Meat Mini Quiche

Today the mood is extra “R” …. rajin which means diligent.  Since the mood has strike, I was on a roll.

Woke up early morning, did a bit of marketing and then start cooking “Bamiah”, an Arab dish, akin to a stew.  Served with a few okra or ladyfingers and good to eat with bread.


Then, right after I finished with the ‘Bamiah”, I went on to try at making quiche.  Thanks to the recipe shared by a sister, I was like finally able to do a good version of quiche, though I think there’s room for improvement., my bad for not using the exact measurement (weigh machine breaks down).

This time, for the filling I add minced meat and onions.


Making these mini quiches was a pleasure, I had a little assistance from 2 girls (my youngest daughter and my niece) to help along the way 😉

Even though the dough turned out to be a bit hard, but the taste was good ….  🙂

Here ‘s the recipe :

Minced Meat Mini Quiche

For the crust :

600g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
40g Crisco
100ml milk
260g butter

Rub in the butter and Crisco into the flour and salt.  Use rubbing in method.
Once you have it in crumbs, pour in milk gradually and knead to become  dough.
Then chill it in the fridge for at least 15 min, cling wrapped.
After that put into tart mould and blind bake at 190 degree Celsius using fan oven for 10-15 min.
Use a fork to poke the base of the pastry before baking.

Filling :

Part 1 :

Minced meat – 200g
1 onion – diced
1 stalk coriander leaves – chop
1 tsp dried dillweeds
salt and pepper to taste

Heat a little oil, saute the onions, then add the minced meat, coriander leaves and dillweeds.  Stir and add salt and pepper.  Once cooked, put it aside.

Part 2 :

Whisk 200ml heavy cream together with 100ml fresh milk and 2 eggs.
Mozarella cheese.

Once the quiche has already been blind baked, add the meat filling, pour the heavy cream and milk mixture and top it with mozarella cheese.  Baked again for about 10 mins till brown.  Ready to serve.


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