Roast Chicken

I have a traditional taste bud which means as a Malay, my favourite foods are usually Malay-originated.  Spicy foods are a must for my family.  Yet thanks to many of my friends who had directly and indirectly exposed me to other variety of foods from difference culture, I have so-called improved and become more adventurous when it comes to food 😉

Thanks to the Potluck gathering, I had my first taste of roast chicken, shepherd’s pie and stollen bread.  Truly delicious they are, these foods.

Yesterday, even though I was on MC, somehow as a mother, the act of cooking is something that I have to do even though I am sick.  So to make dinner, I decided to try making the roast chicken.  As mentioned by my friend, the ingredients seems easy enough.  Since it’s a last minute kind of decision to do, I quickly google and view a few youtube videos on how to cook roast chicken.

This is the video I finally decided to follow cos his ingredients is the nearest to what my friend had told me.


As I was doing it, I even msg my friend for further assistance since I want to be sure i do it right.  Alhamdulillah …it turn out not just good BUT GREAT!  The smell was aromatic and the chicken, tender and juicy.

Only my 2nd daughter did not eat the chicken cos she do not like chicken but the other two was eating and praising how good it was.  Makes all the sweat and tired bones almost gone just hearing and watching them eat.   This recipe is indeed a keeper.  Definitely there will be many encores in my kitchen for this roast chicken 🙂


The Roast Chicken … before adding the potatoes.


Ready to eat …

and to wash off the oil , lemonade to the rescue 🙂



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