Choc Mango Marble Cake

Sunday, feel bored, feel sad, feel lost …. Remedy? Get myself busy in the kitchen. I decided to bake a cake.

Here it is …. Choc Mango Marble Cake.



I forgot to adjust my oven temperature so the top of the cake actually crack open … but luckily it still turns out good and as my youngest daughter said, “sedapp arr ibu!” .. 🙂  (sedap in Malay means delicious)

Here is the recipe :

Choc Mango Marble Cake


200 gm self raising flour, sieve the flour

230 gm butter

220 gm castor sugar

230 gm eggs (about 5 big size eggs)

1 tsp vanilla essence

20 gm cocoa power, sieve it

50ml fresh milk

Yellow colouring

2/3 tsp s of mango essence


1) Heat the oven at 160 degree celcius. Spread a bit of butter on the cake tin of 8” in size.

2) Sieve the flour

3) In another container, beat the butter and castor sugar about 4-5 min. Then add in the eggs and beat for another 3-4 mins .Pour the vanilla essence

4) Add the flour and mix well.

5) Divide into 2 portion.

6) 1st portion, pour in the milk and cocoa powder, mix well.

7) 2nd portion, add in the yellow colouring and the mango essence, mix well.

 Pour the mixture alternately into the cake tin (one scoop of each mixture) till finish and using a fork, make a pattern (up to your preference so that it look like marble cake)

9) Bake about 40-45 min or until cook. · Updated at 4 minutes ago

IMG_6424[1]before entering the oven …



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