Ddukbokki – Malay version

A request made for so long by my daughters had me finally bought the frozen ddukbokki (also spelled as tteokbokki) and cook it.  This is a Korean all time favourite snack. A spicy rice cake snack which can be eaten at any time and any occasion.  The authentic of course tasted way better than mine but it will have to do (my version) cos I do not have the gochujang sauce.

This is my 2nd time cooking it and this time I tweaked my own original recipe again 😉

This time I decided to use :

1 packet of frozen rice cake (ddukbokki), which can be bought at the supermarket.
2-3 tbsp of chilli paste (soak dried chillies grind with garlic), add more paste if you like it more spicy

2 tbsp of Gana brand kimchi
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of sweet dark sauce

salt and sugar to taste
3 cups of water

Note : Besides the simple ingredients above, you can also add thinly sliced fishcake to it.

Fry the chilli paste till fragrant, add in the oyster and sweet dark sauce and sugar. Stir and then add water, kimchi and the salt.  Last add in the ddukbokki, cook till the rice cake are soft and the gravy thickens.  Serve hot.

This version definitely taste better and suited the palate of our family.  The kids went gaga over it! 🙂


Ready to eat ddukbokki


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