Jap Chae n Bulgogi

Today’s menu for dinner is Jap Chae and Bulgogi.  Have been wanting to try making these for days and finally today is the Day!

It’s really a challenge to try cooking Korean food cos as a muslim there are some ingredients we are not able to eat so I have learnt to find substitute for these ingredients.  Sometimes I substitute when I could not find the actual ingredients. So for today, I could not find the sweet potato noodles for Jap Chae and so I sub it with brown rice noodle.  In using the brown rice noodle, I had to tweak the recipe a bit … I had to add salt or else the taste is very bland.  Also I change to Chye Sim instead of Spinach.


Brown Rice Noodle Jap Chae … Nice and I think would be better eaten with pickled green chillies (lada jeruk) 😉

As for the bulgogi, I was able to follow the exact recipe … the only mistake I made is I used dark soy sauce instead of the light soy sauce and so the colour for the bulgogi was a bit dark …. still the taste was good, so the kids did not complain hehehe 😉


Beef bulgogi

For those who would like to try these two menu, do watch this video :


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