Spicy Rempeyek

Yesterday, I tried making my very own Rempeyek for the first time.  I have been wanting to eat the spicy version for so long but because the person who sold this version no longer sells them, I have no choice but to try making it on my own.

The original Rempeyek is non-spicy.  Rempeyek is a deep-fried savoury Javanese cracker.  There are a few varieties to this cracker.  If you use peanuts and anchovies on it then it is called Rempeyek but if you substitute it with green beans and anchovies, then it is called Tumpi.

Rempeyek is a favourite among the Malays here.  A must to have during most festive seasons eg. Hari Raya.


Ever since I tasted the ones that has chillies on it, I become a fan of it.  Now when I eat Rempeyek, I am always look out for the spicy ones.  But since not many are being sold here, so I think it’s time I learn to do so on my own 😉

I got this recipe from the net, but I modified a bit and after this first trial, I decided the next batch I do, I will further modified it to get a much better taste to it.  I think the coriander seeds will be better if I coarsely pound them instead of grinding them to powder and will definitely add more birds-eye chillies to make it more spicy.

Some recipe calls for the use of coconut milk, but yesterday I did without it.  So perhaps I should try another time with coconut milk to see if there is indeed a difference to the taste.


Ingredients : 

500 gm of rice flour
2 cups of raw peanuts
1 cup of anchovies (peeled and washed)
2 eggs
2-3 tbsps of coriander seeds (either grind or pound coarsely)
1-2 tsp cumin seeds
3 garlics
2 candlenuts
2-3 kaffir lime leaves (sliced very thinly)
10 birds-eye chillies
Salt to taste and water (or thin coconut milk)
1 tsp air kapur (slaked lime solutions) – optional
Oil for deep frying

Method : 

Grind the garlic, candlenuts and cumin first for a few minutes then add in chillies and grind further. If prefer to have the coriander seeds grounded then can grind together with the other ingredients, if not can separately pound them coarsely.

Add the rice flour into a big bowl.  Add in the eggs, the grinded spices, kaffir lime leaves and enough water to make it into a thin batter. Add salt to taste.

When ready, heat up a wok, pour enough oil for deep frying.

When the wok is hot, using a small ladle, scoop some of the batter, take some peanuts and anchovies and add to the ladle fill with the batter.  Gently pour the mixture to the side of the wok, so that it will spread wide and downward to the center of the wok.  Gently splash some oil over it (the batter will then slide down to the center of the wok).  Fry the cracker till golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels.

Once it is cool, put it into an airtight container.

Ready to be serve.

NOTE : As you are frying the rempeyek, do stir the remaining batter frequently, if need to, add in a little coconut milk or water to the batter to keep it runny.



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