Spicy Bean Paste Soup

Another Korean food recipe, though my version is not the authentic one.

Spicy Bean Paste Soup.

For this soup, we need the fermented bean paste, by the way, it is so similar to taucho (this is how the Malay and Chinese pronouns them in my country), in terms of taste and smell but the texture is more refined. For this soup, we also need the pepper paste (gochujang).

Most of my cooking are done without any measurements, I usually just estimate (main campak-campak jer). So for this recipe sorry to say, I can only write down the ingredients and the methods.  Depending on how big your pot is, you will have to use your estimation to cook it and suit the taste to your palate.


Besides the two main ingredients which is the bean paste and red pepper paste, I used, onions, enoki mushrooms, green onions, red chilies, firm tofu, potatoes, Japanese cucumber (can sub this with zuchini or turnips), sliced chickens fillet (or sub with sliced beef),  and minced garlic.

Using 1 tbsp of sesame oil, fry the chickens in a pot, stir for a while and add the onions. Stir for a minute or two, then add water enough to cover a quarter of the pot.  Add in the garlics, the bean paste (I used about 2 tbsp) and the red pepper paste (2 tbsps).  Add the potatoes and leave it to boil till potatoes are soft.


Once the potatoes are soft, add in the tofu and cucumbers.  Let it boil for few minutes, add enough sugar and before adding the salt, its best to taste the soup first because the fermented bean paste is already salty.  Add salt only when needed.

Lastly, add the enoki mushrooms, red chilies and green onions.  Leave to boil for another minute or so and off the fire.


It’s now ready to be served with white rice ….


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