Sambal Goreng Kicap

Another version of a dish from Java.  The usual Sambal Goreng would use coconut milk and so the colour would be reddish (due to the grounded spices and chillies) but this time round, I tried my hand at this new version … well to me it’s a new version because I have never ate it before nor cook it and even heard of it till a friend introduced it to me few years ago. The colour is dark thanks to the black soya sauce.

This is much simpler to cook and taste great too. My eldest daughter simply love this dish as do I.

To make the dish look attractive, you can always add slices of red chilies but I chose not to this time round.



Here’s the recipe, but I’m sorry to say I do not have the actual amount or measurement for the ingredients. It’s all cook based on estimation as usual 🙂

Ingredients to be blended together:

Onions, shallots, fresh tumeric (can also use powdered ones), ginger, galangal and birds-eye chillies.


Other ingredients :

lemongrass – cut into half lengthwise

belacan (shrimp paste) & tamarind juice – mix together

sweet black soya sauce

white pepper

tempeh – cut into small pieces and fried separately and put aside  (for definitions on tempeh please click here)

paru (beef lungs) – boiled and cut into cubes, fried separately and put aside


Method :

Fried the blended ingredients till fragrant together with the lemongrass.

Add in the tamarind/belacan juice and the fried tempeh and beef lungs

Then add in the sweet black soya sauce and a bit of water (the whole liquid from the ingredients must not exceed the level of tempeh and paru)

Leave it to simmer for about 5-10 mins.

Finally, sprinkle some white pepper and stir well.


Note : There’s no need to add salt or sugar because the sweet black soya sauce makes the taste sufficient without them.  Though of course different people different tastebud so if you want can always add a bit.





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