Lamb Chop Jamilah

A recipe shared by one of my cousin and has been in our family for many years now.


Lamb Chop Jamilah

Wash and clean the lamb chop (about 2 kg) and then marinate it with (5 garlics and 1 inch ginger – blend together), squeeze the juice of 1 kaffir lime and add enough (up to your preference) chilli powder.  Mix these ingredients well with the lamb chops and leave it to marinate for a whole night in the fridge.

3 big onions – sliced thinly
4 green chillies – sliced
2 tomatoes – sliced into 6 parts each
1 stalk of coriander leaves – chopped
1 stalk of mint leaves – pluck the leaves and wash clean
1 small box of coconut milk (Santan Kara)

How to cook it?

Heat a wok with a small fire. Add a bit of oil, then add the lamb chops together with a bit of water.
After 15 mins, add the other ingredients, add salt to taste.  Can add more water if its too dry. Finally, add the coconut milk.
Leave the lamb chops to cook till the meat softens. Once the meat has become tender, off  the fire and ready to be serve with white rice.


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