Ayam Belado Hijau

Trying out a new recipe that involves frying the chickens and top them with green chillies “sambal” (paste).  The original recipe uses red chillies but this time I substitute with green brids-eye chillies and green chillies. A simple dish, the idea came upon when I saw it being cooked by Noor Ain’s Ummi …. looks so delicious that I know I would one day try it.  So here it is…. 🙂

Tastewise it is similar to the normal belado except for the colour. I tweaked a bit with the recipe, adding 1 green tomato to it.

Today’s menu : Ayam Belado Hijau (Green Chicken)

1 kg of chicken wings (or whole chicken, if use whole chicken, cut them into 12 pieces) – washed and marinate with tumeric powder and salt, then deep try, after that put aside.

10 birds-eye chillies
10 green chillies
1 green tomato
5 onions (or can use 10 shallots)
4 garlics

All these, fry with a little oil for about 2-3 minutes, then pound them into fine paste using the traditional mortar and pestle (I was too lazy so I just blended them)

Fry the pounded ingredients with a little oil, add 1 lemongrass (crush lightly). Keep stirring and fry them until fragrant.  Then add salt and sugar to taste. Off the fire and add the paste on top of the fried chickens.  Ready to be serve with warm rice.

I think next time, I’m gonna try add a bit of ikan bilies (anchovies) …. I think this will help to further enhance the taste of the “sambal belado” … give it more Oommphhh!!


Ayam belado hijau…


My lunch …. 🙂


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