Chicken fillet in milk

I read a post about the Chicken in Milk recipe by Jamie Oliver. The review was soo good that I know I just had to try it out.

Ransacked the fridge earlier today and I had chicken fillet instead of whole chicken, milk, lemon but no fresh sage. Okay, so no fresh sage, no matter, I will just cook with whatever I have.

So this is my version of the Chicken in Milk… Chicken Fillet in Milk! 😉


Chicken fillet in milk with roasted potatoes…

Chicken Fillet in Milk

4 pieces of chicken fillet – washed, then seasoned with some salt and black pepper. Then fry them with some olive oil and butter till both sides are golden brown. Off fire, and placed the fillets on a baking dish.

Add into the baking dish all these ingredients, 10 cloves of garlic with jackets on, 1 small stick of cinnamon, zest from 2 lemons, enough milk to cover half of the baking dish. To replace the fresh sage, I substitute with dried basil leaves and dried rosemary. Sprinkle them above the fillets.

Baked in the oven over 190 degree C for about an hour or more till chicken fillet are cooked.


Sauteeing and getting ready for the oven …


After adding the milk … just before going into the oven.

My verdict on this recipe? Its definitely delicious…. I like the aftertaste of lemon in the chicken. Yumms!!!



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