Milo-Oreo Layered Pudding


Came back from work last night, sat down with kids while waiting for the evening prayer call when the urged to try out this recipe given to me by my colleague N. So without further ado, after the evening prayer, I started tinkering in my kitchen.

Yummylicious …. truly “sedappp” (delicious) is this Milo-Oreo Pudding.  A simple yet delicious dessert recipe. I simply LOVE IT and so do my kids! 🙂


Milo-Oreo Pudding

Ingredients :
1 packet of white jelly powder (agar2 serbuk)
750ml of water
140g sugar (more if you like it sweeter)
1 can of evaporated milk
2 tbsp of custard powder
3/4 cup of milo
1 packet of Oreo (I bought the mini size ones cos its easier, no need to crush them)

Method : 
In a medium size pot, mix the jelly powder together with the water, sugar and evaporated milk. Over a medium fire, stir the mixture till sugar are dissolve. Then add the custard powder (which you must add a bit of water to it and stir to ensure the powder are dissolve and no lumps). Keep stirring.

Once the mixture has started to boil, lower the fire to a small one. Scoop out 2 cups of the mixture into a smaller pot. Keep stirring the first pot, I actually recruited my youngest daughter to help me to keep stirring while I focus on the smaller pot.

Over at the smaller pot, add the milo, stir till there are no lumps to it. Off the fire.

Layering the pudding :
Scoop a bit of the milo mixture into the pudding mould (Just a thin layer about 0.5 cm or more, up to your preference actually). Cool it a bit in the fridge for about 2-3 mins.

Then add the custard mixture, fill it till about 2 cm thick, arrange the oreo biscuits on it.and top more of the custard mixture over the oreo. Cool it for about 2-3 mins in the fridge again.

Final layer, add the milo mixture again. Then if you have extra oreo, can arrange them on top as decoration.

Cool the pudding in the fridge … Serve cold when ready.




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