Steamed Eggs

Last night, I cooked my first steamed eggs, recipe was shared by my Chinese colleagues. A simple recipe, easy for working mother like me and yet tasted good … yummm!!!! 🙂

The surface of the steamed eggs was not as smooth as I would like, there’s room for improvement. Going to try again till I get it right and perhaps the next time going to either add minced meat or prawns to it. IMG_2639

Chinese Style Steamed Eggs

4 eggs
500 ml of hot water
1 cube  of Knorr chicken or ikan bilis (I used half only)

Method :
Dissolve the Knorr cube into the hot water, add the eggs and beat lightly or just stir also can. Pour/strain into a dish or bowl that’s suitable for steaming. Make sure no air bubbles on the eggs mixture. Steam with low fire for about 10 mins.

Tips : Ensure that the steamer is boiling and then low the fire when you begin steaming.

Serve with hot rice and other dishes. I had mine with just hot rice and sweet black soya sauce 😉


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