Korean Kimbap

Once I’m back tinkering in the kitchen, its like non-stop the recipes start flowing in the brain hahaa 😉

Today, its Korean Kimbap …. a virgin attempt for me and alhamdulillah it turns out beautifully.

It turns out to be a favourite of my eldest daughter and she ends up eating the most of it 😉

I showed the fotos to my family members via our family chat group and most of them thought it were sushi hehee …. It does look similar but tastewise there are differences. My personal preference would be kimbap and not sushi cos I do not like the taste of vinegar in sushi.


2 cups of sushi rice – cook and then mix with salt to taste and a little sesame oil. Let it cool but cover up so that it won’t become dry.

1 Cucumber – cut into long strips, best use Japanese cucumber. Sprinkle a little salt all over the cucmbers and let it be for about 10 mins. Then pat dry with paper towel. Put aside.

1 Carrot – cut into long strips. Saute with a little oil and add salt and pepper. Put aside.

4 eggs – make into omelette and cut into strips.

3 chicken hotdogs (zacs brand) – cut into long strips and saute for awhile. Put aside.

5-6 pcs of roasted seaweeds sheet

– Lay the seaweed sheet over the sushi bamboo mat. Add enough rice over the sheet. Spread nicely (not too much rice and leave a bit of space at the sides). Refer to photo as shown below.

– Then arrange the other ingredients cucumber, carrot, omelette and hotdog.
Slowly but firmly roll the kimbap. Ensure its tight.

– Once done can cut into pieces. Use a sharpe knife and after every cut wipe the knife with a clean wet cloth.

– Once all cut out, it’s time to pop them into the mouth 😉


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