Acar Timun

I love pickles especially cucumber pickles and for the Malays, we called our pickles “Acar”.

This recipe belongs to my late mother. Our family favourite. It’s spicy, crunchy and has sweet and sour taste to it.


Preparing the cucumbers
2-3 cucumbers
– wash and then cut into 3-4 pieces (each pieces about 2-3 inch lengthwise)
– Take each piece and cut the sides (we do not use the flesh of the cucumbers, only the crunchy part of it)
– Take each of the sides and slice the cucumbers lengthwise as shown in the picture below.
– Put the sliced cucumbers in a drainer.


Preparing the carrots
1 carrot
– skinned and washed
– cut into 3-4 pieces (each pieces about 2-3 inch lengthwise)
– then sliced thinly and each sliced cut further into matchsticks sizes.
– add to the cucumbers in the drainer.

Once done, sprinkle some salt over the cucumber and carrots. Mix well and leave it to drain the juices for about 1 hour or more and throw away the juice.

Ingredients for the sauce:
10 pieces of dried chillies – soak with hot water.
2 garlic
1 cm of ginger
2-3 big onions
(Blend all the ingredients above)

3-4 small onions – cut into 2
1 red chilli and 1 green chilli – deseed and cut through lengthwise (optional)
a little bit of tumeric powder
salt, sugar and vinegar to taste


– Fry the blended ingredients till fragrant.
– Then add in the small onions and red/green chillies
– Add a little bit of tumeric powder (roughly about 1/2 tsp)
– Stir for a while, then add sugar (about 4-5 tbsp cos the sauce must taste sweet and tangy from the vinegar)
– Add salt to taste
– Finally add the vinegar (I usually add about 3-4 tbsp first and then adjust accordingly to suit my taste)
– Mix well and once the taste is right, off the fire and let the sauce cool.
– Once the sauce has cool, then add the cucumbers and carrots. Mix well.

It’s now ready to serve with rice and other dishes.

Note: Any balance of the acar, you can keep it in the refrigerator. If you do not like the spiciness of this acar, you can still make it minus the dried chillies or reduce the chililes.


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