Sarang Semut

Biskut Sarang Semut (Ant Hill Biscuit) … don’t ask me why it’s called that hehee … what’s important is that this biscuit taste good and one of my favourite 😉

Ingredients :
250 g butter
120 g icing sugar
250 g plain flour
70 g custard flour/powder
100 g corn flour
2 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla essence

Chocolate rice for toppings.
enough paper cups (about 100 cups)

– Beat the sugar and butter till fluffy .
– Add in the egg yolk and vanilla essence.
– Add in the flour bit by bit till it become a dough.
– Grate the dough onto a plate with the paper cup (one by one) and those that fall off  to the plate I will then scoop up using a spoon into the next paper cup.
– Add the chocolate rice on top (toppings).
– Bake for about 10 mins or till cook at 150 degree C.



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