Karipap Bai

Karipap Bai

Ever since I saw the photos in FB, I’ve been wanting to place order for the Karipap Bai sold via FB but till now I’ve never had a chance cos I’m always not able to get any … it’s always sold out by the time I saw the post.

So last week, while at Phoon Huat, I bought the pastry margarine and today, yes today, finally I had the chance to try my hand at making my very own Karipap Bai. Thanks to a blogger, BitterSweetSpicy for sharing the recipe with a very detail pics on how to go about making it. I finally did it!!!

For the recipe, please refer to this link

Yes, it a long process and tiring but …. the end results was so satisfying 🙂

The fillings … made of potatoes and minced chicken meat.

Besides that, the knowledge that I am able to do it … making my very own karipap … that knowledge acts like the toppings to the satisfying snacks just now.

Of course, my karipap did not like the original nor taste like the original … still I am very very happy with it and my husband ate 4 of it at one go, plus my nieces and sister gave me the thumbs UP! 😉

The cut dough before rolling them into squares …

Putting the filling …

Halfway thru the final process …

Ready to go into the oven …

Finally … ready to be served!

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