Coconut Jelly

The Coconut Jelly I made yesterday was a recipe shared by my colleague.  Slightly different from my other coconut jelly recipe and taste wise varies slightly though not much … verdict? both recipes are good and are for keeps 🙂

Coconut Jelly 

1. Add coconut juice from 4 young coconuts to plain water till it adds up to 3L. Bring it to boil.
2. Add 200 gm of sugar, coconut flesh and coconut jelly powder brand  (Happy Grass Serbuk Jeli Kelapa) to the solution.
3. Mix well. Turn off the flame. 
4. Pour into moulds and set the jelly in the refrigerator.


This is how the the coconut jelly powder brand  looks (Happy Grass Serbuk Jeli Kelapa) 


Coconut Jelly …. good to eat when its thoroughly chill and on a hot day 😉


Young CoCoNut Jelly

Its fresh and fragrant …. an all time favourite of mine, the only dessert I will never say no to 🙂

Young Coconut Jelly

Ingredients :

10 gm of agar-agar (jelly) powder, choose plain colour

1300 ml water

1 cup sugar

800 ml young coconut juice (fresh, best to choose small coconut from Thailand)

Young coconut pulp – sliced thinly or diced small according to your preference

Method :

1) Heat water and agar2 (jelly) powder till reach boiling point.

2) Add in sugar and let it boil again for a while.

3) Sieve the mixture and add in young coconut juice and its pulp.  Mix thoroughly.

4) Pour the mixture into small moulds (up to your preference) and chill it in the fridge.