Ketam Berempah

There’s a certain satisfaction in being able to finish all my marketing and cooking by 10 am today 🙂 The power of waking up at dawn and not continuing with my sleep.  More time for me, yeayyy!! 🙂

Part of today’s menu is Ketam Berempah (Crabs cooked in spices).

The recipe is simple and frankly when it comes to crabs …. whatever way you choose to cook them, definitely delicious!

I usually avoid cooking crabs, not because I do not like them but rather for my eldest daughter’s sake.  She loves crab but unfortunately when she ate even a little of the flesh, there will be an allergy reaction.

So today, I told her that she could eat the crabs but unfortunately she has to stay indoor until the allergy reaction subsides. Her reaction to my comment was comical to say the least hahahahaa….

Ketam Berempah

4 crabs – clean and wash, cut into two (total 8 pieces)

Ingredients to be blended:
1 small bowl of dried chillies, (soaked till soften first)
5 onions
4 garlics
1 inch of ginger
1 inch of galangal
2 lemongrass
4 tbsp of coriander seeds

2 tbsp of tamarind juice
1 tsp of tumeric powder
salt and sugar to taste
oil for frying the blended paste

– Fry the blended ingredients till fragrant in a wok.
– Add the tumeric powder and tamarind juice. Stir a bit.
– Add salt and sugar to taste.
– Finally, add the crabs. Stir well and close the wok with a lid for about 5 min.
– Open the lid, and stir well again. Close the lid. Repeat till crabs are cooked.
– Once crabs are cooked, off fire. Ready to serve with rice and other dishes.