Glass noodles and Kimchi Salad


20140530-142540-51940637.jpgKerabu Tanghoon dengan Kimchi (Glass noodles and Kimchi Salad)

* photo courtesy of a friend

 A new salad recipe … thanks to a friend who shared it with me.

Simple ingredients : Glass noodles, onions, carrots, omeletter, capsicum, mushrooms, kimchi and sliced beef marinated with ginger and garlic (fry).   Mix all together and its ready to be serve!


Oi-sobagi = Cucumber kimchi

Tried my hand making these …. oi-sobagi.  I’m sure the original taste way better than mine hehee…

Still it’s the experience that counts … but I think I will stick to my Malay cucumber pickle cos I prefer ours … acar timun wa tetap suka pada lu muahahahaa 😉

Still just to share, this is how I made the cucumber kimchi.

2 japanese cucumbers

Washed the cucumbers. Then cut the cucumber into 3-4 parts.  Next, make a slit on the cucumber (start 2 inches above the bottom)  in the middle into quarter but do not let it cut through, just need to make a slit on the cucumber.

Learn more by watching here

Next, pour salt (about 2 tbsp of salt) into the inner of the slits cucumber one by one. Leave it aside.


The fillings for the cucumbers …. actually these can be eaten just as it is … its tasty!

Take some chives, 1 carrots, 1/2 big onions and 4 garlics, 1/2 cup of  hot pepper flakes (dried chilies powder) and 1 tbsp of fish sauce.

Cut the chives about 1 cm in length (about 1/2 cup full), slice the onions thinly, cut carrots into matchsticks, minced the garlics. Add all these in a bowl. (See picture above)

Add the chilies flakes and fish sauce. and 1 tbsp of sugar. Finally add 1/4 of water. Mix well. Then sprinkle some sesame seeds.

Next, wash the cucumbers again, to take away the salt. Drained well and after that can start adding the fillings into the slits of the cucumbers.

Ready to serve.


My cucumber kimchi …. does not look as good as the one made by Maangchi … still it’s a good attempt … 😉