Taco cups

Taco cups
This easy to make taco cups are simply delicious!!! I made them today and serve them to my eldest daugther and her friend who had came over to our house to work on their school project. The girls simply raved about the taco cups … Lala, my daughter’s friend even asked for the recipe 🙂

A BIG Thank You to all those peeps out there who had shared this recipe over FB…. 🙂

these disappeared in a flash …. the kids could not get enough of them! 🙂
I had tweaked the recipe a bit to suit my taste though hehee …

Here’s my version of the taco cups:

Taco Cups

300 g minced beef
1/2 grteen capcisum – diced
2 big tomatoes – diced
2 stalks of coriander leaves – sliced thinly
2 red chillies – sliced thinly
2 slices of cheese
1 packet of tortillas (I used Mission brand tortillas)

2 tsp of Chilli powder (more if you like it hotter)
2 tsp of Cumin powder
2 tsp of Garllic powder
a dash or two of dried oregano leaves
black pepper powder to taste
salt to taste

the fillings ….
– Preheat oven to 180 degree C.
– In a large skillet, brown the minced beef. Season with all the seasoning. Off fire and transfer to a big bowl.
– After the beef has cool enough, add the other ingredients such as tomatoes, capsicum, chillies and coriander leaves. Mix well.
– Cut flour tortillas into a square shape and cut further into 4 smaller equally sized square pieces.
– Grease muffin tin with a bit of olive oil or cooking spray.
– Line each muffin cup with a tortilla sheet.
– Add 1 tbsp of the taco filling. Top with a small bit size of cheese.
– Then add another layer of the tortilla sheet, press down and add 1 tbsp of filling and cheese.
– Lightly brush the top edges of the tortilla with olive oil.
– Bake 18-20 mins until golden brown.

Note : Best to serve while its still warm (cos that’s when the side crust are still crunchy)


Karipap Bai

Karipap Bai

Ever since I saw the photos in FB, I’ve been wanting to place order for the Karipap Bai sold via FB but till now I’ve never had a chance cos I’m always not able to get any … it’s always sold out by the time I saw the post.

So last week, while at Phoon Huat, I bought the pastry margarine and today, yes today, finally I had the chance to try my hand at making my very own Karipap Bai. Thanks to a blogger, BitterSweetSpicy for sharing the recipe with a very detail pics on how to go about making it. I finally did it!!!

For the recipe, please refer to this link

Yes, it a long process and tiring but …. the end results was so satisfying 🙂

The fillings … made of potatoes and minced chicken meat.

Besides that, the knowledge that I am able to do it … making my very own karipap … that knowledge acts like the toppings to the satisfying snacks just now.

Of course, my karipap did not like the original nor taste like the original … still I am very very happy with it and my husband ate 4 of it at one go, plus my nieces and sister gave me the thumbs UP! 😉

The cut dough before rolling them into squares …

Putting the filling …

Halfway thru the final process …

Ready to go into the oven …

Finally … ready to be served!

Pau Sambal – Revisited

i have not made these ‘pau’ (spicy anchovies buns) for over a year. The other day my eldest mentioned her cravings for it and I made them yesterday. Within less than 15 mins…. All gone! 🙂

Alhamdulillah … during the iftar (breaking fast) time, the family members simply love them as do I cos this is also my favourite snack and this recipe has been with me for a long time 😉

Recipe can be found here.