Apple Pie Masayu

Finally the baking mood strikes after a long hiatus and today I was in the mood to bake Apple Pie 🙂

This recipe was shared by a friend of mine and this is the first time I’m trying out her recipe but I did not use brown sugar since it was not available at home and so I replace it with red sugar instead and I did not make it in a 9-inch pie pan but into 4 small pie pan and 1 rectangular pie dish. Also the original recipe used kuih lapis powder, since again I do not have it, I substitute it with mixed spices powder instead.

Apple Pie Masayu


For the crust (makes two 9-inch pie crusts)

260 gm plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
225 gm butter, chilled and cut into cubes
1/2 cup of cold water (I used about 1/4 only)

– Combine flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Rub in the butter until the mixture becomes coarse bread crumbs.
– Stir in the cold, a little at a time, kneading it until the crust mixture forms a ball.
– Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour in the freezer.
– Sprinkle flour onto rolling surface. Roll dough out, then divide in half.
– Roll each half to fit a 9-inch pie pan. Place crust in pie plate, pressing evenly into the bottom and sides.

8 apples peeled and sliced – (I used 6 apples)
Lemon juice from 1 lemon
1 tbsp white sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
2 heaped tbsp flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder or mixed spice powder
2 tbsp butter
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp milk

– In a large bowl, toss the sliced apples with lemon juice.
– Combine sugars, flour, cinnamon or mix spice powder. Add to the apples and toss well to coat.
– Fill pastry lined 9-inch pie pan with apple mixture.
– Drop blobs of butter and place second crust on top of the filling, cut slits on top of crust to vent. Seal the edges of the crust with a fork or by hand.
– In a small bowl, beat the egg yolk and milk. Brush the mixture over the top crust.
– Bake at 200 degree C for 15 mins. Reduce heat to 180 degree C and bake for about 40-45 mins or until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbly,
– Cool for an hour before serving.


Hoon Kwe Jagung

Hoon Kwee Jagung … a type of dessert that used Hoon Kwe flour (mung bean flour) and corns. Traditionally in the Malay society we used to make using rice flour and we called it Nagasari … can either add banana or corn to it but now more people prefer to use the Hoon Kwe flour cos it tasted better and smoother in texture.

I made these few days ago since there was a balance of the Hoon Kwe flour in the house.

This dessert is easy and quick to cook.

Hoon Kwe Jagung

Ingredients A:
1 can of corn (whole kernel) – drained and rinse, put aside
250 ml coconut milk (I used Santan Kara and add a bit of water to make it to 250 ml)

Ingredients B:
450 ml water
175 gm of sugar
1 pandan leaf (screwpine leaf)
Boil these 3 ingredients and once sugar dissolved, off the fire and cool it.

Ingredients C:
200 ml water
120 g Hoon Kwe flour
Mix both together till flour dissolved.

In a pot, add the ingredient C. Then add ingredient B and the 250 ml coconut milk. Keep stirring and make sure to use a small fire. After 5 mins, add the corns.
Continue to stir till mixture has thickens. Off the fire and pour the mixture into either small bowls, jelly moulds, cut banana leaves or plastic. Cool and chill in the fridge before serving.

Note: if using banana leaves and plastic, cut into squares (dimension up to you) and pour the mixture before folding them nicely.

Pandan Choc Chips Bread Pudding

I miss tinkering in my kitchen and so just now went about making this simple but delicious and fragrant bread pudding using screwpine paste (Pandan) and chocolate chips.


8 pcs of bread
Butter (use to spread on the breads)
2 cups of milk
3/4 cup of sugar
2 eggs
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp of pandan paste or you can grind a few pieces of screwpine with a bit of water and use the juice
Enough chocolate chips


– Whisk together the milk, sugar, salt, eggs and pandan paste.

– cut the breads into quarters and arrange into a baking pan.

– pour the liquid mixture over the bread.

– sprinkle enough chocolate chips all over it. Leave it aside for 15 mins.

– after 15 mins, bake it in the oven at 170 degree C., for about 20 mins or until it becomes golden brown on top.

– cool it and can serve with ice-cream at the sides


Bread Pudding with Almonds and Choc Chips

Bread Pudding wif Almonds and Chocolate Chips

This recipe, is not only good but simple to make. A keeper indeed! Thanks to Sis M for sharing the recipe sometime back ago 🙂

You can serve the pudding with a side of ice-cream or just eat it as it is … really yummylicious! I like it!

Ingredients :
6 pieces of bread
3 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
600 ml of fresh milk
1/2 tsp of vanilla essence
1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder (i opt out using this cos I do not like it)
sufficient sliced almonds, raisins and chococlate chips

Method :
– spread butter on both sides of the breads and then cut into 4 triangles, arrange half the bread pieces into a small baking dish. I used a round aluminium tray.

– Beat eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla essence and cinnamon powder togther in a mixing bowl. After which, add the raisins and stir.

– Pour half of the milk mixture into the baking tray with the bread pieces, then add the rest of the bread pieces before pouring the rest of the milk mixture over it.

– Leave it aside for about 10-15 mins.

– Next, sprinkle generously the sliced almonds and chocolate chips on top.

– Put into the oven. Baked in a preheat oven at 180 degree C., for about 25 mins or till its golden brown.

– Cool and serve it with ice-cream or just as it is.


Harum Manis

I was supposed to meet up with a cousin today but we had to postpone the meet-up and so with nowhere to go, it’s to the kitchen I hop to! hehee ….

Today’s menu for the family is Dalcha Ayam (Chicken cooked with lentils) and for dessert, I made these “Harum Manis”, which means “Sweet Fragrance”. Harum Manis is a Malay kueh which requires steaming. This is my first attempt at making Harum Manis and alhamdulillah the bite-size kueh turned out well. My youngest favourite it seems … she has been going in and out of the kitchen with the kueh in her hands and so it looks like the kueh won’t last till evening 😉

Harum Manis

Recipe from Chef Mastura’s book, “Ignite the flame”.

Ingredients A:
300 gm gula melaka (palm sugar)
350 ml water

Ingredients B:
350 gm plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
3 eggs
180 gm castor sugar
1/4 tsp salt

Ingredients C:
1 tbsp vanilla essence
50 gm melted butter

Ingredients D:
6-8 pcs of banana

– Boil ingredients A, strain and leave it aside to cool.
– In a mixing bowl, whisk eggs and sugar till thick (Ingredients B), add the rest of the dry ingredients. Mix well.
– Pour in ingredients A and ingredients C into the mixing bowl. Mix well.
– Pour into the moulds (3/4 full), (greased the mould with a bit of oil beforehand, I used olive oil)
– Add in sliced bananas (1-2 pcs) on top of the batter and steam them for about 20 minutes.

This kueh is also good for afternoon teas, so can serve the Harum Manis with either coffee or tea.

Note : if you find the batter a bit thick, you can add 1-2 tbsp of water to dilute it. I find that when I do this, the kueh is much more softer.

Nutella Banoffee Pie


A new version of the Banoffee Pie …. created by my friend N, she brought them to the office about a week ago and yesterday was the first attempt I’ve made on making such a pie. My very first Banoffee Pie with a twist of nutella and mixed nuts to it 🙂

I am sooo in love with this PIE … simply sinfully delicious!!!! hahaaa

Nutella Banoffee Pie

For the crust:
100g butter, melted
250 g digestive biscuits, crushed

For the caramel:
100g butter
100g dark brown sugar
397g can of Carnation Condensed Milk

For the top:
2 bananas – cut into slices
Enough nutella to cover the top
Mixed nuts

In a bowl, mix the crushed biscuits with the melted butter. Spoon the crumbs into the baking tin, press well to make a pie crust. Chill for about 10 mins.

Melt butter and sugar in a small pot with a low fire. Stir all the time and when sugar has dissolved, add in the condensed milk. Bring to a rapid boil for about 1-2 mins, stirring all the time, for a thick golden caramel texture.

Before spreading the caramel, add and arrange the sliced bananas on top of the crust. Then spread the caramel over the pie crust, chill for about 1 hour.

Next, spread the nutella on top and sprinkle the mixed nuts over it.

Chill long enough or overnight till its ready to serve.

PS : I need to work on my caramel though, it’s not thick enough, will try better next time 😉

IMG_1675.JPGNutella Banoffee Pie …

Kuih Lapis Pisang


This is a spin-off from the original recipe of a Malay traditional cake…. it’s called Kuih Lapis Pisang aka Steam Layered Banana Cake.

Very simple to make and delicious to eat. I love the layers and will peel one by one to savour the taste 🙂

Kuih Lapis Pisang

Ingredients A:
2 cups of coconut milk = 1 1/2 box of  Santan Kara (coconut milk) + 1 cup of water.
2 cup of plain flour
3/4 cup of sugar
2 tbsp of rice flour
2 tbsp of custard flour
1 tsp of salt

Mix the above ingredients together till sugar dissolve. Sieve and divide into 2 portions.

Ingredients B:
1 cup of mashed bananas
1/4 cup of water

Add to one of the portions. Mix well.

Ingredients C:
1/4 cup of water
A bit of red colouring

Add to the final portion. Mix well.

Method :
– Heat up the steamer.
– Grease a cake tin with a bit of oil and let it steam for about 5 mins in the steamer.
– Open the cover of the steamer, add 2 or 3 ladle full of the ingredients C first.
– Closed the cover and let it steam for about 8 mins.
– After that, add the next layer which is the Ingredients B. Add 3-4 ladle full. Steam for 8 mins.
– Repeat the process till all the ingredients are used up.
– After the final layer, leave the cake to steam for a longer period, about 20-30 mins.
– Finally, leave it to cool before cutting it out to serve.




Milo-Oreo Layered Pudding


Came back from work last night, sat down with kids while waiting for the evening prayer call when the urged to try out this recipe given to me by my colleague N. So without further ado, after the evening prayer, I started tinkering in my kitchen.

Yummylicious …. truly “sedappp” (delicious) is this Milo-Oreo Pudding.  A simple yet delicious dessert recipe. I simply LOVE IT and so do my kids! 🙂


Milo-Oreo Pudding

Ingredients :
1 packet of white jelly powder (agar2 serbuk)
750ml of water
140g sugar (more if you like it sweeter)
1 can of evaporated milk
2 tbsp of custard powder
3/4 cup of milo
1 packet of Oreo (I bought the mini size ones cos its easier, no need to crush them)

Method : 
In a medium size pot, mix the jelly powder together with the water, sugar and evaporated milk. Over a medium fire, stir the mixture till sugar are dissolve. Then add the custard powder (which you must add a bit of water to it and stir to ensure the powder are dissolve and no lumps). Keep stirring.

Once the mixture has started to boil, lower the fire to a small one. Scoop out 2 cups of the mixture into a smaller pot. Keep stirring the first pot, I actually recruited my youngest daughter to help me to keep stirring while I focus on the smaller pot.

Over at the smaller pot, add the milo, stir till there are no lumps to it. Off the fire.

Layering the pudding :
Scoop a bit of the milo mixture into the pudding mould (Just a thin layer about 0.5 cm or more, up to your preference actually). Cool it a bit in the fridge for about 2-3 mins.

Then add the custard mixture, fill it till about 2 cm thick, arrange the oreo biscuits on it.and top more of the custard mixture over the oreo. Cool it for about 2-3 mins in the fridge again.

Final layer, add the milo mixture again. Then if you have extra oreo, can arrange them on top as decoration.

Cool the pudding in the fridge … Serve cold when ready.



Coconut Jelly

The Coconut Jelly I made yesterday was a recipe shared by my colleague.  Slightly different from my other coconut jelly recipe and taste wise varies slightly though not much … verdict? both recipes are good and are for keeps 🙂

Coconut Jelly 

1. Add coconut juice from 4 young coconuts to plain water till it adds up to 3L. Bring it to boil.
2. Add 200 gm of sugar, coconut flesh and coconut jelly powder brand  (Happy Grass Serbuk Jeli Kelapa) to the solution.
3. Mix well. Turn off the flame. 
4. Pour into moulds and set the jelly in the refrigerator.


This is how the the coconut jelly powder brand  looks (Happy Grass Serbuk Jeli Kelapa) 


Coconut Jelly …. good to eat when its thoroughly chill and on a hot day 😉

Kueh Bakar Jagung

Kueh Bakar Jagung is a sweet dessert which the Malays love to eat.  The traditional version do not have corn in it but this recipe is a modified version, someone has kindly created this with corns many years ago and I must say the taste is delicious.

With the exception of my second daughter, the rest of my family members love this.

My mother used to make this using a mould that has flower shapes, she will then pour the mixture and bake them over hot coals. But now with modern technology there’s no need to do so.  Many years ago, I bought an electric mould to make these.  So yesterday and today, for our tea time, we are having these kueh since there was still plenty of the mixture left.


Kueh Bakar Jagung … pix showing the mixture, the electric mould and the ready to eat kueh 😉

Here’s the recipe :

3 cups of plain flour
1 cup of self-raising flour
2 can of cream style corns
5 screwpine leaves (wash and grind with one cup of water, extract the juice)
2 tsp of screwpine (pandan) paste
6 eggs
2 cups of sugar
2 small box of coconut milk
1 tsp of vanilla essence

Method : 

Beat the eggs with the sugar, then add in the cream corns, coconut milk, vanilla essence, pandan paste, screwpine juice and the flours.  Mix well. If the mixture is thick, add a little water.  Once ready, pour into the electric mould and bake till cook.